The incredible business of hyper realistic sex dolls

They have become a luxury product, ranging between 5,000 and 25,000 euros. An expanding business captained by two California companies. We analyze the phenomenon.

The experts in robotics and artificial intelligence foresee that by 2050 the sex robots will be available to invade our beds and, surely, provide us with programmable orgasms in terms of duration and intensity. It is also likely that in the future many people choose to have these humanoids as partners and even decide to marry them. Perhaps the legislation of the countries, always behind the social demands, will gradually initiate an opening and will end up allowing this type of unions, which will be celebrated as we now do with the acceptance of homosexual marriage, after campaigns of awareness to the citizenship with slogans such as “the androids also feel” or “love is not just a matter of skin”.

At the moment, while that one arrives – for some happy, for other Dantesque – future, many are satisfied with playing dolls. Sex doll mannequins, who are not much less sophisticated than the androids of the future, but who are getting better and better. Beings of almost real appearance, with eyelashes and natural hair, that can be articulated to get to practice a considerable percentage of the positions of the Kamasutra. Women, and also men, who do not age, whose skin has a touch very similar to human and with sexual organs and bodies that can store temperature, so that the lack of “human warmth” is not an impediment to try, and even Enjoy, these sophisticated sex toys. Luxury products that range from 5,000 euros (the simplest models) to 25,000.

Even the most open-minded would raise an eyebrow at the idea of buying a sex doll, while the vast majority tends to see fans of these artifacts as perverts. But, as Matt Krivicke, a sculptor who quit his job as a mask maker for Halloween and now part of the Sinthetics team – based in Los Angeles and making the most perfect and realistic sex dolls on the market – says, ” People do not object to a dildo because its entire body has been amputated. There’s no face, no arms, no legs, no six pack abs, no beer belly. It’s just a penis and that’s the last thing we would make excuses for. ” The words of Krivicke, exits of an interview published by The Independent, are not exempt from certain common sense.

Angela is one of the dolls that can be obtained in Abyss Creations.


The truth is that the business of hyperrealistic sex dolls is in full expansion and there are already communities and forums on the Internet, such as or, where people who have bought one of them hang photos and exchange their experiences. As in real couples, after some time of coexistence, sex begins to stop being so frequent until it disappears. But the dolls still require care. You have to comb them, dress them, change their position and choose the accessories that best fit your personality.

According to Krivicke in the interview, Sinthetics does not produce in the Chinese way, but quite the opposite. Their mannequins -as they prefer to call them- are manufactured only on request and to the consumer’s taste, so that each doll has its own appearance and personality. The client, as indicated by the website of this company, can choose almost everything: height, complexion, the color of hair and skin, size of the breasts, vagina or penis, eye color. The variables are infinite and far surpass those of the trattorias that make pizzas to order. You can also order a doll / or similar to the ex, but to start giving life to this avatar, the company requires the consent of the person who is going to appear. Some also dream of dummies that are twice as famous or celebrity. In this case, the company tries to find a middle ground between satisfying the customer and creating a clone of Beyoncé, Kate Moss or Brad Pitt, changing traits so that there is only a reasonable resemblance.

Although not all dream of perfection and this sculptor remembers how an old client commissioned a doll with wrinkles and crow’s feet to be closer and had more things in common with him. The company is flexible and adapts to the tastes of its consumers, except in one case, when they ask for child-like mannequins. “We do not do that kind of commission, we had some incidents with that and in the end, we had to call the authorities,” Krivicke confesses in the interview.

Celestine, one of the options offered by Sinthetics.

But what is the profile of the man or woman who decides to buy a doll / or sexual and has $ 5,900, the minimum amount to pay to get the more modest version of one of these silicon gods? According to Krivicke, “the vast majority of our buyers are people fascinated by the human body and as” healthy “as anyone you can cross on the street.” Not only are sexual reasons that lead someone to buy these products and satisfy their fantasies. Some also seek “a doll to help them emotionally after the loss of a loved one, since during the duel they are unable to embark on a new relationship. The dolls act then as a “bridge” until the trust returns (…) Some couples find that the dummies are a sure way to introduce a third party since there are no feelings in between. It is another way of sexual exploration but without horns. The dolls can also play the role of sexual substitutes when one of the partners cannot enjoy sex, usually for health reasons, and does not love another person. “

Synthetics are also sensitive to other groups with different sexual orientations, especially that of transsexuals and offers trans mannequins and hermaphrodites. There is only one thing that these angelic-looking sex machines should not do often, as it can significantly advance their expiration date. Guess what? Well, nothing more or nothing less than oral sex. As this “small inconvenience” can take away the desire to play more than one, the company has already sought a solution that provides in the extensive explanations of its website.

The creativity of Sinthetics and his eagerness to cover a wide spectrum of sexual fantasies has led him to invent the Vajankle, a vagina inserted in an ankle, for foot fetishists, or for those who can not afford the sum that a foot body costs. to head, and content with the base.

The world of sex dolls has a healthy market, and this makes minds start to work and design increasingly realistic prototypes. Matt McMullen is one of those brains, works for Abyss Creations, a company based in San Diego, and is the father of RealDoll. The American edition of Vanity Fair has even dedicated an extensive report dedicated to the process of creating one of his ‘works’.His new project is called Realistic and consists of trying to animate and give life to the dolls, get them to talk, answer questions and make facial gestures. For this, it has a team that includes engineers who have worked at Hanson Robotics. McMullen has it clear: their products are perfect for those people who “have consciously decided that they do not want to have a relationship” as a couple, but often sex. In this video from The New York Times, he explains his progress in the complicated task of animating this type of ‘sex toys’.

Imagine a world in which the vibrators have been advancing from the genitals to the whole body, reproducing human beings perfect for sex, begins to stop belonging to the genre of science fiction. According to psychologist and sexologist Ana Sierra, with consultation at the Sauce Foundation, in Madrid, ” there is a paraphilia that is called androidism in which people get excited only with androids, dolls or robots. Of course, in the past, masturbation and oral sex were considered paraphilias. I have never prescribed an inflatable doll, but if it serves to cultivate eroticism and try new things, it seems good to me. The problem, as in everything, is when this practice becomes obsessive and exclusive. That is, it does not leave space or space for others; or, in this case, it becomes a substitute for human relationships. We need physical contact, work social skills, share, and I do not mean only the physical part, but the energy or psychological pleasure that generates sex or feels desired by someone.

For now, those who want to start the game with dolls can opt for the low-cost option, which in this case responds to the name of Snugamate and consists of a soft and stuffed plush man, who also acts as a pillow. Its benefits are very limited but its advantages are countless: it does not run away when it comes to washing the dishes, it does not leave the toothpaste open, it does not pee out of the toilet bowl … Come on, a jewel!

Nick, one of the dolls that Abyss Creations proposes.


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