RealDoll X, the first robotic sex doll with artificial intelligence is ready to go on sale

EYE! NSFW content.

After just over three months of development is here, this is RealDoll X , a project involving the famous sex doll maker RealDoll , and sister company Realbotix , who was responsible for developing the artificial intelligence platform that provides “Life and personality” to these dolls.

RealDoll X will be the first robot for sexual purposes to go on sale for all the public, well, for those who can pay between 14,000 and 18,000 dollars . Yes, at the end of this month of April you can acquire the first generation of this robot with which they seek to reach the rooms around the world and thus try to revolutionize the sex market.

We can already have sex with a robot that also “will love us forever”

Through a small video, RealDoll introduces us to ‘Harmony’, the first RealDoll X equipped with the artificial intelligence platform created by Realbotix, which is more like a kind of chatbot that offers the possibility of having simple conversations, as well as expressing phrases “loving” according to our interaction.

According to the presentation video, RealDoll X will be equipped with an “X Mode” that, according to the explanation, will “allow you to fulfill our wildest sexual fantasies” , a “special programming” that dictates when and how you will treat your human partner with “eternal love and adoration”.

That’s not all, since it also ensures that it is designed to “be our companion, friend and lover”. But the most disturbing is his “protocol 40058” which, he explains, establishes when he is engaged in a loving relationship, where his priorities are to love, honor and respect his human partner above all, “and even tells us that” He will love us forever. “

Ver imagen en Twitter

Ver imagen en Twitter

Here we must highlight several points. The first is that the artificial intelligence system is only in the head , which will cost between 10,000 and 12,000 dollars and will be fully customizable. That is, we can choose the type of hair as well as facial features, ranging from skin color, type of eyes, lips and other characteristics. There will even be the possibility of being able to buy several faces or wigs to exchange them whenever you want.

This means that the “smart” functions are only in the head, since the rest of the body is still the classic silicone doll that RealDoll has been selling for several years. The pure doll has a price that starts at $ 4,000 and you only need to add the head with the Realbotix system to have the “sex robot” ready. Here it should be noted that inside the body of the wrist there is no type of sensors or connection with the head , so there would be a “real” interaction during the sexual act, since everything would be programmed phrases.

On the other hand, to use this RealDoll X you will need a subscription to the Realbotix application, which will be priced at 20 or 40 dollars per year depending on the degree of interaction we want. In this application, we can choose between several voices, accents and even characters. The advantage of the application is that it can be used without having the “intelligent” head, since it will be available via the web or from an application for smartphones.

The company says that later this year new models of RealDoll X will be launched, including male and transgender.

Meanwhile, we can see some videos, which are reports from The New York Times and Engadget, who had the opportunity to get to know the Realistic platform and enter this disturbing world of the manufacture of sexual robots .

    • you decide to be or not to be selfish, nobody obligates you, it is definition, not obligation. 
      In the last I agree, if you really love a woman, both sentimentally and with sexual desire, there will be sex with her, but you can have sex without loving anyone, through self-sufficiency, from masturbation, this doll or a goat, and that I know nobody is forced to do one or another thing.

    • Typical disqualification argument, not reason. 
      1. m. Immoderate and excessive love for oneself, which causes to disproportionately attend to self-interest, without taking care of that of others. 
      (Whoever neglects the sincere love of a woman who loves you for walking with one of these dolls sins (literally and metaphorically) of selfishness)

      Wow, in one of those the psychopathy would diagnose you.

    • alberto_bengoa

      * *

      At what point does masturbation disregard other aspects of life?

      You have a very serious problem, and I will not lose another half minute with you because it is time lost.

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      If masturbation becomes vice and that keeps you from fulfilling your obligations as a husband or boyfriend, it takes you away from it and you are selfish. 
      If you are single and by walking with one of these robot dolls, you disdain a woman you love and love, you are selfish. 
      In addition to that, if you are married and you buy this robot doll, especially behind your wife’s back, I assure you that you will create a conflict of the couple, and may get to divorce.

      Of course, if the woman agrees, there should be no problem.

      You see, in the world, not everything is white or black, there are nuances, although your mind is clearly black and white.

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      If masturbation becomes vice and that keeps you from fulfilling your obligations as husband or boyfriend

      But what obligations or what a dead child? Where do you get such obligations? Is it also an obligation to have children?

      It takes you away from her and you are selfish

      False. I’ll repeat it again:

      – Do not fuck your friends does not take away from them or makes you selfish. 
      – Do not fuck your parents does not take away from them or makes you selfish. 
      – Do not fuck your dog does not take away from him or makes you selfish.

      It is not necessary to have sex with your loved ones to love them. Masturbation is not selfish, while there is no sexual obligation to anyone.

      A lot more anachronistic and antiquated speech you spend, really. I bet you whatever you are Christian.

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      Well, petulant and childish. 
      Not that you did not play when you lost your way?

      So there is an obligation to sexually satisfy your wife, if she is unsatisfied I assure you that after a while you get a divorce claim, and if you went through masturbation you neglected it, it was your selfishness that broke your marriage.

      The theme of this article is a sex doll robot, and if by sexually satisfying you walk with the robot that makes you neglect your girlfriend or woman, for selfish you will end up sending the devil, and rightly they will be selfish.

      You go around and around to convince yourself that the RAE has to accommodate your unreason. 
      The definition that I make of you-you justify, that really bothers you is your problem, not reality. 
      And it clarifies your ideas well because you reissue each comment five times, that is achieved by thinking things well before.

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      Well, petulant and childish.

      More ad hominem. Predictable.

      If you are dissatisfied I assure you that after a while you get a divorce

      If your partner demands you because you do not fuck her as much as she wants, I’m sorry, my son, but that clearly means that she did not love you.

      The theme of this article is a sex doll robot, and if you’re sexually satisfying with the robot that makes you sexually neglect your girlfriend or wife

      The subject of the robot is the least important. I’m debating with you to throw down your bizarre sentence that “masturbate is selfish”, and that “that sex should correspond to a woman who really loves.”

      Because besides, what if it turns out that you can satisfy your wife and play with the doll in equal parts? Your argument that the sex of masturbation you owe to the woman goes down the drain.

      You speak with the mentality of someone with a radically religious culture, with all the perniciousness that entails.

      And already clarify your ideas

      I have reissued problems with the HTML code when including text in bold italics, not because of problems with my ideas. You are so lacking in arguments that you no longer know what to criticize.

      The RAE does not define reality, do not be naive.

      And I see that you have not been able to respond to my other reply above. It does not surprise me either.

      You will forgive, but since I am blind, I have been lost, my software reads the text and I would have to read everything and I have a pending work right now. 
      If you reissue for entering the code, I understand it and I apologize for underestimating it, although with me you do not gain much, I would have to stop at each word for my software to tell me the format because of course it only reads and already.

      But I answer it to memory. 
      I never use religious arguments because the petulant disqualify them simply, regardless of whether or not they have the reason.

      But I do know the Catholic or Christian doctrine and I do not agree that this is good or bad. 
      In fact, it has been shown that it helps health, but like everything else, if it becomes a vice and that affects a relationship, it will be because of selfishness.

      And it is also clear to me that your understanding is not very clear, but I explain it to you as I would to a child, to see if so:

      Look, masturbation is not good or bad, alcohol is not good or bad, and so with many things, but if that takes you away from what you want to do, it is already affecting you, if you want to have a wife and she tolerates that you masturbate, good, if you accept that before you have sex with her you masturbate, that’s good, she’s for you, although I wish you all the luck in the world to find that woman, because believe me, you’ll need her. 

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      The care I give to what I write is not just for you, but for anyone else who can read me.

      I never use religious arguments because the petulants disqualify them simply, regardless of whether or not they have reason.

      If you persist in calling me a petulant, I’m going to have to start calling you things myself, and I do not want to muddle the debate that way. And by the way, do not be afraid to use religious arguments, surely they are at least more useful than limiting you to putting on derogatory labels.

      You talk about vices, but vice and addiction also occur in sex with third parties. In any case, your initial position did not contemplate the vice, but directly condemned the individual masturbation, in any amount, because you considered it a pleasure that you must give to a woman, always. And I deny that categorically, because nobody owes anything sexual to anyone, under any circumstance or situation. Sharing your body with others is totally optional.

      if that moves you away from what you yourself want to do

      If what that person wants to do is masturbate, it does not take away from what he wants. The desire to have a wife is a preconception of yours that you project on others.

      In addition, you can have a partner and continue practicing individual masturabción; they are complementary activities that can alternate perfectly without anyone threatening you with a divorce. You should try it … if they leave you, of course.

      I wish you all the luck in the world to find that woman

      And I wish you luck to find someone who does not want to be separated from you by alternating sex in a couple with individual masturbation. Even if that person leaves you it would be the best thing that can happen to you, because I assure you that he does not love you.

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      It is always appreciated that they wish you luck, even if it is not needed. 
      Your guesses will not be wrong. 
      I clarified that my software only captures cursive or format if I keep on each word, not for you to keep doing it or not, an explanation and nothing else. 
      This is not my web page, and my first comment was not going to be extended to explain with great detail all my criteria in this regard in case some misunderstanding appeared here, if my later clarifications do not seem enough, I repeat, it is no longer my problem. 
      But I’ll clarify it once more: 
      Here we talk about a sex robot doll.
      My criterion is that to get to buy a sex doll you need a lot of sex, and since you are not a human being, I think it is the extreme expression of a masturbation. 
      If the one who buys this doll does not think about engaging in any personal relationship with any human being, be it heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, for me that bursts the wrist. 
      But if you intend to establish a relationship with a person, which I believe will be in a proportion greater than 50% that is already a majority, and for preferring self-satisfaction with this doll, the other person is disregarded in terms of sexuality, not me There is no doubt that one is acting selfishly.
      I do not doubt that someone will buy this doll, his sexual partner will agree, and he will satisfy himself and also satisfy the other person, but I doubt that this is the case more than in a minority, not counting those who will do it secretly, Most I assure you, and a nice surprise will be for the couple if they find out.

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      It is always appreciated that they wish you luck, even if it is not needed.

      You will know, you are the one who has started wishing me luck unnecessarily.

      My criterion is that to get to buy a sex doll you need a lot of need for sex

      Or little, or average. We can not know. As we can not know the little or much need for sex that someone has like a couple, or someone unfaithful, or an amateur orgy.

      If the one who buys this doll does not think of engaging in any personal relationship with any human being, by me that bursts the wrist.

      And if it pretends or already belongs to a relationship, that also bursts it. What else does it give you?

      and for preferring self-satisfaction with this doll, the other person is disregarded in terms of sexuality

      Or not! It is perfectly viable for someone to satisfy themselves by masturbating and their partner with intercourse. How difficult is it to accept that possibility? It’s that my mother …

      I do not doubt that you are acting selfishly.

      You do not have any doubt because for you 100% of the sexuality of someone who is in a couple must be a couple on pain of divorce. An incomprehensible mentality.

      I do not doubt that someone will buy this doll, their sexual partner will agree, and be self-satisfied and also satisfy the other person

      How do you not doubt it? But if it is the basis of your argument from the beginning XD. You are contradicting yourself.

      Pretty surprise will be for the couple if they find out.

      You leave me no choice but to imagine that you live trapped in a relationship of submission with some kind of authoritative ogre. My condolences

      For the umpteenth time: Masturbate is not selfish under any circumstances. And sex has nothing to do with love.

    • bluray

      * *

      Please where did you come from? 😧

    • * * *

      Now tell us your point of view about women who pull vibrators and dildos (they have been in the market for decades and apparently do not seem to disappear due to lack of demand) and if you think they neglect their husbands or boyfriends, if they are selfish and if You have an idea of how many marriages have been destroyed (them) by the abuse of these gadgets.

    • dirna


      Please remove the keyboard to this Christian XD because I’m dying of laughter

    • ellacopter

      * * *

      I am a sociopath and I do not like or want to love anyone, and that’s why I just fuck so that I put my head problems in a relationship? Stop saying nonsense and go back to Disneyworld.

    • * *

      Do not forget to ask for “Amen” for all those selfish people, who must be submitted by the devil and do not want to share their pleasures with others. 

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      It’s just that masturbating is not any kind of selfishness. It’s as if you tell me that eating is only selfish, being able to do it as a couple or as a group. In fact, sex is nothing more than an appetite.

      if you really love a woman, both sentimentally and with sexual desire

      You return to mix love with sex, when they have nothing to do. Sexual desire is totally independent of wanting someone. You love your mother, but you do not throw her away no matter how much you love her.

      Loving does not imply sexual desire, there is no link between the one and the other. If you throw yourself at your partner, you will do it because it attracts you physically because it makes you horny with your attitude, or for other basic biological reasons, but not because you love her.

      As far as I know no one is forced to do one or another thing.

      Compel not, but neither try to raise awareness and condition, as you did above saying that ” that sex should correspond to a woman who really loves .”

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      If you did not like that “consciousness” is your problem, it is my freedom of expression and is not conditioned to your criteria, just as in no way did I condition anyone to think like me.

      Your raconamiento is partial in terms of love, I clearly spoke about the love of a couple, not that of your mother or pet.

      And I granted you the reason when I said that you can have sex without loving the partner or manuela, as with a prostitute or with masturbation, where the primitive instinct is satiated and no more.

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      It is also my freedom to reject and condemn your spirit of sitting on who, how, and when, should correspond sexually.

      I clearly spoke about the love of a couple, not that of your mother or pet.

      There are no love classes. To love is to love.

      And I granted you the reason

      You may or may not agree with me, but you can not grant me the reason, because everyone has their own reasons.

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      It will be unreasonable, look that the DRAE makes meanings, and your unreason does not: 
      4. m. The tendency to the sexual union.

      And yes, that is the clear difference between you and me, I do accept and tolerate that you reject and condemn my opinion, in any case, your reason or unreason nobody will take it away from you.

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      It was totally predictable that you would cling to the meaning No. 4, which is totally wrong and simplistic, but very timely to defend the dogmatic position that suits you, but does not solve it in your favor.

      I recommend that you do not use the dictionary how I order to try to settle issues like this and stay so Pancho, because it will not work.

      To consider selfish an act there must be a debt status to others, and as no one is in debt to anyone sexually, even in pairs, the concept of selfishness does not proceed here at all. In fact, sex as a couple is not even always an act of reciprocity, since many seek only their own pleasure.

      Tilting from selfish to someone for masturbating is simply ridiculous. Only the decadent Church and its followers promote this type of outdated mentality.

      And no, you do not accept that I reject your attempt of social conditioning (that no opinion), given how much you rebel against my criticism, trying to dismantle my arguments.

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      Only arrogance and petulance denies and rejects a clear and undeniable definition of the RAE, of course, your petulance knows more.

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      What arrogance and petulance do is to fall into ad hominem fallacies when arguments are lacking; something you’ve been doing for quite some time now.

      It seems great to me that you communicate without question with everything that the DRAE dictates; I do not.


      “Immoderate and excessive love for oneself, which makes one pay attention to one’s own interest, without taking care of others.”

      As you can see, if we strictly adhere to the DRAE’s parsimony, nothing is indicated about sexuality or masturbation. You are the one who takes out of the sleeve the relationship between sex and selfishness, as well as the duty of giving oneself sexually to another person, simply because yes because you say it.

      Masturbation does not imply an “immoderate or excessive self-love”. It is a statement that does not hold. Neither does it imply “to take care of one’s self-interest”? And it does not imply “neglecting the interest of others.”

      Look where you look, masturbate is not selfish.

      PS: Squeeze your head in search of arguments on the subject instead of attacking me. It is how it is debated correctly.

    • donp

      * *

      I love how you get muddied more and more.



      * * *

      You can really love, but really, a million women and not have sex with any. It would be necessary to ask them their opinion.

    • Pere Ubu

      * * *

      You forget to mention the endless catalog of gadgets that are available to women so they can enjoy without taking a man’s hand. The woman who pulls dildos, vibrators and other paraphernalia is called liberated, I am afraid that the men who pull these wrists will not consider them that way, rather the contrary.

    • Duke27

      * * *

      Fuck, you’ll enjoy little if you think so, better still with the straws

    • zaxxon74

      * * *

      If I think how? Specify

      And do not worry about my enjoyment, I know perfectly what satisfies me.

    • mord

      * * *

      Sure you cried while watching Chobits, right? Ains, how right they are … and what awaits us. We are going to extinguish. : D

    • vistaero2

      * *

      Hahaha, selfishness says. This will be wanted by men who precisely want to give a lot of love but always end up in the friend zone.

    •  adriangonzalez6
      Avatar for piter_parking


      * * *

      You say it’s not sex, but then you say that sex should correspond to a woman …

      I think you confuse sex without more, with sexual intercourse, I do not know why someone who wants to have what for him is sex, should do what you say if you only need to satisfy that need without going further. 
      That’s what sex toys are for, nothing more.

    • julenrossi

      * *

      It is undoubtedly an authentic sexual relationship, but it is not a true romantic relationship unless you deceive yourself, or you do not know how is the “mind” of a robot … It is like trying a loving dialogue with Siri, or with Alexa … Come on, you have to be very paranoid to confuse you like this … or very needy of affection … “Just off the ship” let’s say, after two years in Antarctica …

    • dagorent


      When they move and do domestic tasks with a certain “solvency”, humanity will probably suffer a very hard blow (both from the uncles and aunts) 18,000 euros in exchange for a personalized company, and that it will work a little with the domestic chores (that get you to have the food made when you get home and iron for example)? Even if it is sold at 25,000 euros, it has to leave the stores exhausted … A strange future awaits us …

    • jorgecrce

      * *

      And prepare an old-fashioned when you get home. I bought it.

    • * * *

      Well, unless the competition comes to AMD, I’m afraid that’s not going to be like accounts.

      Silicone doll = 4000 € 
      Talking silicone doll = € 18,000 
      Ex Machina sexual robot (in about 50 years) = 1,800,000 €

    • julenrossi

      * *

      Inflation works miracles … Maybe in 50 years, 2 million Euros will be a basic salary …

    • speed* * *


      It may be, although I doubt it enough.

      In any case, I see that my comment was not understood.

      What I wanted to convey is that what they sell at € 18,000 today is not a sexual robot, in fact, nor do its creators define it that way. These dolls do not move, basically and speaking badly and soon they get screwed and they tell you what you want to hear, but nothing more.

      For sex robots literally missing decades. It takes time investigating in artificial muscles since to put the necessary mechanics so that they move would make that a life-sized robot would crush you to get on top, not to mention the batteries that today do not exist to handle all that mechanics more of 5 minutes without running out. And all that I already advance you not going to sell for € 18,000.

    • adriangonzalez6

      * *

      Ha ha ha, it does not sound bad, but because of the consequence that would cause the ladies to see it as competition and surely agree to have some sweetness. 
      And it is that there are some that seems that you threw an enemy, that even if you are a saint you are stubborn.

    • julenrossi

      * *

      Adrián: It is only the first offer: “Robotic women for sexual services” … But you will understand that when dealing with a company to earn money, the next offer will be “male robots”, which may seduce your wife more efficiently than what You can do … And of course, then all the categories of “Sexual robot people” and the sexual relationships that your imagination can conceive will follow … It is only to bring to the tangible reality that which in any way is already installed in the mind human being referred to sexuality … Nothing more and … nothing less! … read of the year.

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