Creator of the most famous hyperrealistic sex dolls announces ‘head with artificial intelligence’

The bodies will be the same, with their anatomical nuances, attending to the most different tastes of the clients. But with a difference: the head will change. More than that, in fact: bodies will gain “brains”.

Test with Harmony: wires 'become arteries'
Harmony test: wires ‘become arteries’ Photo: Reproduction / Instagram (abyssrealdoll)

Matt McMullen, creator of RealDoll, who runs Abyss, the factory of the most famous hyperrealistic sex dolls on the planet, took a step forward in the already busy sex doll market. A new model of Harmony, the company’s flagship, will come with artificial intelligence.

The new version of Harmony will have 'personality'
The new version of Harmony will have ‘personality’ Photo: Reproduction / Instagram (abyssrealdoll)

The realism of always – in the visual and in the touch – will have the company of a head that should cost the equivalent of R $ 27 thousand and that can be coupled to any body of RealDoll. With the help of mobile devices, the new Harmony will talk and adapt gradually to the tastes of the owner. In other words, it will develop a “personality”.”Let’s give the client tools to create his own character,” McMullen said in a report in the newspaper El País.

RealDoll production line
RealDoll Production Line Photo: Reproduction / Instagram (abyssrealdoll)

The San Diego businessman believes that the new version of Harmony is closely tied to today’s most basic human needs, which has increasingly complex frustrations, satisfaction, and obsessions.“It’s deeper than we think It’s not pornographic I want to make art, whether with a vagina or a penis The smart doll will be useful for people who have no connections to society or who are not able to make these connections “I know my clients and they told me about their relationship with the dolls, it’s more than a sexual game, it’s like a therapy against loneliness ,” McMullen said.

Harmony's hyper-realism
Harmony’s hyper-realism Photo: Reproduction / Instagram (abyssrealdoll)

Abyss produces dolls of both sexes on an industrial scale (a standard model that is well accepted by average customers), but also caters to requests with very specific tastes. If a customer asks for a 100% differentiated doll, with exclusive design, the production can take up to a year and cost about R $ 165 thousand .

Abyss produces dolls of both sexes
Abyss produces dolls of both sexes Photo: Reproduction / Instagram (abyssrealdoll)

“My robot is made to love, not to take power. This girl will not cause any harm ,  concluded the businessman.

Sex Doll available at this price in the USA market


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