Men in love with their sex dolls

Sex dolls, as has been used throughout the Asian market, are around the business. Let’s see it for what it is: a way to enjoy a little more with your sexuality.

However, far from seeing them as a dormón, there are male minds that, by far, have already surpassed that thin line in which we divide the real from our most hidden fantasies. For many men, these “girls” are truly the women of their lives.

In 1990, Matt McMullen created an “anatomically correct” female mannequin model to be used for clothing stores. (Because of the stiff aesthetics of the mannequins, itself.)

It was then, in a short time, received a couple of calls that made reference to another use for these ladies. These men really wanted to make them part of their lives.

Chris Zacho

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In 1986, his wife left him. To date, he has not managed to establish another relationship with a woman. However, Chris has 2 dolls that he uses only to hug them during the night.


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Everard has around 8 bodies and 4 different heads. The man is very meticulous with his dolls, he treats them, as he says, as “goddesses” and, of course, lovers. To make matters worse, Everard is attentive in terms of accessories and clothing that his girls wear.

Everard has had only one relationship with a woman of flesh and blood. But he says they are too complicated.


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Phil stopped smoking for a year for Jessica, her doll. His friends know about her; however, they are ashamed that someone else finds out about their lifestyle.

Baron von Doll

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Of course, many men are ashamed of this aspect of their life. Like this man who called himself Baron von Doll.

Man sharing his wardrobe

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A man shares his wardrobe with his 3 dolls, whom he considers as his wives. Sex dolls have crossed the lines of eroticism and fantasies.

Man from Wales

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This man from Wales has called Carly his doll. The man has a girlfriend, 2 adult daughters, and 5 sex dolls. Your family knows about your existences; however, they prefer not to talk about it.


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Carl divorced 20 years ago and, since then, lives with his parents again. Her parents and, well, a sex doll that is the exact replica of Alektra Blue, the porn star.

Carl does not have sex with the doll, he only uses it to take pictures.


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Another man called himself Deerman. He lost his wife because of cancer. He tried to go out with other women, but those that attracted him had no interest in him. So he decided to make an almost exact replica of his late wife. He called her Erica.

Only her youngest daughter knows about her.

Angela Halliday

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Angela met Everard at, a site with more than 40 thousand active users. Now, the woman has 2 dolls. This one is called Oksana.

These dolls, of course, are not cheap. The price ranges from USD6,500 to USD50,000.

Psychologist Sarah Valverde explains, however, that these people are not victims of greater depression than us and/or mental disorders that merit their behavior. Valverde says that, despite being a variation to the way we commonly conceive sexuality, it can not be considered a disorder unless this aspect affects other areas of our life.

But, far from criticism or speculation, we should really start thinking a little about their psychology, the way these men both live and think. Finally, they are human beings like the rest of us.

Maybe they just direct their love to another direct object, so to speak.

Finally, Davecat, owner of an extensive collection of synthetic dolls, confesses:

The dolls do not possess any unpleasant quality, like humans: organs, skin, blood . A synthetic doll will never lie, cheat, criticize or any other unpleasant aspect.

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