How to Give the Best Oral Sex Orgasms of Her Life With These Easy Oral Sex Positions and Tips

Many women only orgasm from having great oral sex and not from intercourse. This is the reason why many women fake orgasms. So learning the best oral sex positions and techniques is an essential skill every guy needs to develop.

The result in learning to be a great lover is that you will get lots more sex and she will never leave you for another man.

Most women do orgasm from expert cunnilingus.

One of the big keys to oral sex orgasms is the preparation. Yes, guys, this means a lot of foreplay. Most women take time to warm up and to feel the desire to be penetrated. Spending a lot of time on foreplay also shows her that you really love her and want to give her lots of pleasure.

Many women feel used in sex or that they are just a masturbation sex doll. Many men rush into sex just like they masturbate.

When she is really turned on by your foreplay, just continue on without touching the clitoris to really drive her wild with desire.

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What is the best cunnilingus position

Usually, the best position is the good old missionary. One can have pillows under her knees for more comfort. Another tip is for the man to be at the side of the bed and the woman facing him.

One key for when you start is to have a very sensual and gentle touch when you start using your tongue. Check her reactions and just repeat what works. Each woman has their own preferences when it comes to clitoris stimulation. Ask her to masturbate in front of you and just copy her stokes with your tongue.

The key to huge oral sex orgasms

Combine your oral sex with g spot finger massage and this will result in blended orgasms that are very intense. These orgasms can be really body shaking and much deeper than normal clitoris orgasms. Many women have never had this experience to be the first!

For more explicit tips on oral sex and vulva massage see my free tips on oral sex techniques here.

Dirty talking is another way to drive a woman into her sexual pleasure. This allows a man to get into his more masculine energy and this really turns on most women.

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